Alexandra Smith

Textiles and Quilting
Textile art is becoming one of the most exciting and experimental areas within the art world.  What makes it such a compelling and appealing medium, to artists, is its combinatory nature, meaning that it can be made of anything.  This diverse variety often blurs the lines between numerous disciplines and materials.
The combination of an historical art form with innovative 21st century textiles and technology excites me and drives me to learn, experiment and create.
Most of my compositions have their origins in traditional stitched cloth.  It fascinates me that fragile yet bold designs can be created through the use of collage or assembling cloth, fibre and paint.  I adore the tactile process of drawing with cloth and thread.  My work often leads to different outcomes whether it be framed, hanging, wearable or sculptural art-works.  Most recently I have been working with the traditions of floral imagery and applying these in my work.

Studio address -

Rallt Isaf

Llanfynydd Road



SA32 7DD

Tel: 07791 423431



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