Jacky John

Carmel Pottery
"Making pottery is all I have ever wanted to do.  I remember looking over the stable door at Woburn Pottery and soaking up the atmosphere.  Seeing the tools hanging up, gently coated in a fine red film, waiting to be used.  The wheels humming quietly, whilst craftsmen gently coaxed the clay into a delightful form.  The serenity and reverence that I gained from this is still strongly felt.  It took forty years before I had the chance to learn to pot.  
I hope to inspire others to have a go and soak up the magical
world of clay.  If only for a few minutes."
Jacky creates functional pottery using the potters wheel and high fires in a
gas reduction atmosphere using glazes that are handmade using natural materials.  This results in unique colours, they may look similar but
will never be the same.
Her studio is a static caravan in the garden, with terrific views across the Amman valley and onto Betws mountains.  This year she has a brand new showroom for you to browse around whilst enjoying a slice of
handmade cake and a 'proper coffee' or tea.
Jacky gives lessons in how to throw on the wheel, with glazing and firing available for the more advanced pupils.  During the Open Studios week there will be a chance to 'have a go' on the wheel, make a tile or a Christmas decoration & watch demonstrations.

Studio address -

Carmel Pottery

Bryn Carw




SA14 7SE

Tel: 01269 845499

      07740 291608

email: carmelpottery@outlook.com

website: www.carmelpottery.com


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Opening times:

July 2021

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