Duncan Macdonald Johnson

My art represents an attempt to capture an experience of the landscape of West Wales.  Rather than trying to create a photographic sense of realism, I hope to communicate something about the spirit of the place, drawing inspiration from its sounds and smells, its atmosphere and the feelings it provokes.
My painting seems to me inseparable from my sense of belonging in the landscape.  I will often return many times to a location to paint it, getting to know it more deeply as I do so.  I feel that this way of working helps to infuse the paintings with a consciousness of the passing of time and season.  Having said that, I do not wish to reflect an idealised view of the landscape, rather, I aim for a truthful balance between 'wild' nature and the immense and ever-changing impact of human activity on the land.

Studio address -

Great House

Church Street



SA19 9AA

Tel: 07708 790066

      01550 777250

email: duncanjohnson@gmail.com

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    Opening times:

    July 2020

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