Hilary Coole

The inspiration for my work takes its roots from the wonderful family photographs of my Mum, Dorothy Marjorie Coole, wearing colourful, highly patterned dresses during the 1950's and also her memories of that influential era for fashion and design.
I was born in the late 1950's and recollect our first family home and lots of the colours and patterns from that early part of my life.  Chatting to Mum and asking her to write down her thoughts and feelings from the time that these images depict give me a real sense of my place in the world.  Therefore this series of work has become The Dorothy Marjorie Dress Collection.
My work is made up of hand built, slip decorated, contemporary vessels and functional ware which capture these past memories, evoking the fun and emotions of this colourful decade.

Studio address -

Farmers Arms



SA32 7TG

Tel: 01558 668291

      07851 313275

email: hilarycoole@btconnect.com

website: www.hilarycooleceramics.wordpress.com

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