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Julie Ann Sheridan


Julie Ann Sheridan, a painter from Llangadog in Carmarthenshire, is showing a collection of large acrylic abstracts inspired by a variety of subjects from landscapes to lichens.

Julie's previous work has largely focused on 'the minute and the massive'.  Producing large scale abstracts and smaller supporting works she uses colour and form to achieve bold results.

Her paintings emphasise and enlarge the anatomy and colours of organic forms to demonstrate their significance within our natural world.

Julie is also influenced by ideas from Japanese artistic philosophies.  The word 'Ma' in Japanese can mean gap, pause, or the space between two parts.  These empty spaces are equally as important as the objects they surround, gaps between the forms add a sense of movement and energy to her work.  Her use of colours is also closely related to the same concept.

Her current work will be available to view in her studio and encompasses a variety of new concepts including the use of recycled upholstery materials from her husband's upholstery workshop, 3D canvases and collage.

Julie has recently established herself as a YouTube tutor and her tutorials can be viewed at

Studio address -

The Last Gallery

Dyrfal Road



SA19 9BR

Tel: 01550 777933

      07752 334198



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Opening times:

July 2021

Saturday 24th      

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Wednesday 28th  

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Saturday 31st 


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