Karen Levan

Karen is a partially sighted artist who is inspired by a lifelong interest in history and the natural world.  After studying graphic design at Harrow School of Art 1967 - 1970, she raised a family of three children and led a normal life up until her 50's when her eyesight started to fail.
Amazingly it was at this point in her life that she found renewed creative energy and despite not being able to use conventional methods as before, decided to commit herself to her art.  With almost total absence of her central vision, she has developed a unique way of painting that is intriguing, thought provoking, somewhat curious and she hopes pleasurable.
She is grateful to have the opportunity to share her work during the Open Studios event.

Studio address -

Troedrhiw Esgair



SA19 8AP

Tel: 01550 722027

email: mymindseye@mlsd.co.uk

Website: www.mymindseye.co.uk

Opening times:

July 2021

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