Karen Williams

I studied art at university, specialising in graphics and printmaking, I experimented with clay but decided it was "difficult".  My career didn't take me in that direction, I always pursued some type of art (photography, life-drawing, etching to name a few).  When I moved to West Wales about 10 years ago, I worked from home as a project manager and needed a creative outlet.  I found a ceramics class and decided to give it a go.  it turned out that throwing left-handed opened the door to thrown ceramics for me.  After a few years of lessons, I set up my own studio at home, which gave me flexibility and allowing more experimentation.  When I make pots I'm most creative - its doing rather than thinking, its when the pots that I've dreamed about and doodled become reality.

I enjoy the technical challenge of making different shapes.  Ceramics is a world of contrasts - taking a lump of clay and making something striking and functional.  I'm fascinated by the discipline that's needed to throw a pot compared to the spontaneity of decorating the pot in a way that demonstrates movement, emotion and passion.  I know that each pot will be slightly different to the last one - the beauty of handmade.

I'm inspired by the natural world and what i see around me: the fluidity and colours of the waves and the sea: the beauty of Welsh landscapes.  there is nothing more magical and exciting than opening a glaze kiln and seeing the finished results for the first time.

Adrian & I will demonstrate raku firing at various times throughout the week, mainly at the weekends.

Studio address -

Sharing with Adrian Munday

Grey Oaks


SA32 7RH

Tel: 07766 492264

email: karen@karenwilliamsceramics.co.uk

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