Ruth Tait

Textiles & Mixed Media
I have only just returned to using textiles and other media as an art form in the last few years.  I am exploring the processes of decay and regeneration, the transience of life and the beauty in nature. even when in a state of decay, the hope of new life.  The borderlines between death and rebirth.
I use old recycled fabrics and threads, coloured using dyes obtained from natural, locally gathered materials.  I incorporate found objects and then age pieces through various processes.

Studio address -

Ty Gwyn

Nant Y Ffin

Near Brechfa


SA32 7RE

Tel: 0784 6411617



Opening times:

July 2020

Saturday 18th      

Sunday 19th        

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Tuesday 21st       

Wednesday 22nd  

Thursday 23rd     

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Sunday 26th        

10am - 5pm

10am - 5pm


10am - 5pm

10am - 5pm


10am - 5pm

10am - 5pm

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