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Tanya Rotherfield

Drawing and Printmaking
I draw every day, I have always drawn, in meetings, on napkins over dinner, on the train, I draw anything that catches my interest and my imagination.  My sketches are a 2D diary of my life including my interests, concerns and sense of humour.
I like to have an understanding of the makeup and mechanics of what I draw,  be it the 'face' and the muscles that give it structure, 'woodlice' their lifecycle and how they curl up or 'water powered vehicles' and 'climate change'.
For finished works I use a wide variety of techniques and mediums to get my ideas on to paper including pencils, pens and printmaking.  All these agents have one commonality, they are vehicles which encourage 'mark making', my voice within drawing.  
Some people get excited when skiing or the postman delivers a new socket set or shoes, with me its new pencils and erasers and finding out that woodlice carry their young in a pouch!
A Birds Eye View
Do I Dont I
Ar Fy Mhen Fy Hunan

Studio address -

Sharing with Hilary Coole

Farmers Arms



SA32 7TG

Tel: 07919 281975



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