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Angela Farquharson

My main love is ceramics and I love the natural qualities that the various clays have when fired.  Such as slip cast Porcelain having a beautiful purity, translucency and femininity that seems to accentuate the elegant designs.  I love the differing challenges that working with the different clay bodies provide, using hand building and press moulding techniques.  In contrast to the porcelain, I also love the natural black basalt clays which project a stronger personality to the sculpture.  I now work with a combination of techniques.  Currently I have been working on a body of work combining other materials such as hand manipulated iron resin and iron metal along with ceramic.  This has enabled me to produce much larger work for the garden and so my ideas have been able to develop further in the way that I wish, where certain restrictions with ceramic would have held back the current sculpture.

Studio address -

The Old Post Office




SA19 8LQ

Tel: 01558 650183



Directions to studio

Turn right off the A482 just after the hill 2-3 miles past the Pumsaint sign for Ffarmers.  The studio is located behind the house which is opposite The Drovers Arms in the centre of the village.

Opening times:

July 2022

Saturday 29th     

Sunday 30th    

Monday 31st

August 2023     

Tuesday 1st       

Wednesday 2nd  

Thursday 3rd    

Friday 4th  

Saturday 5th

Sunday 6th       

10am - 5pm

10am - 5pm

10am - 5pm

10am - 5pm

10am - 5pm

10am - 5pm

10am - 5pm

10am - 5pm

10am - 5pm

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