Bron Jones

After 29 years in the teaching profession where art was integrated into the classroom whenever possible, Bron retired and has been enjoying working alongside established artists, such as Emma Burnett and Michael Cruikshank, Carole Baker, Wendy Powell-Jones, Magdalena Morey and Helen Elliot, to rediscover her own creativity and develop her skills and techniques.
It is the colours, patterns and textures if the environment that inspire Bron: from walking local mountains, forests and coasts and even under the waves where she enjoys scuba diving.  This passion for the natural world is reflected in the use of bold, vibrant acrylic pigments and multi media in her paintings.
"Sometimes you want to see an image that reminds you of a place or a moment, but at others, all you need is a combination of colours, a pattern, or a particular swipe of the palette knife to transport you there and make you smile."  
More recently, Bron has begun to use gold leaf and mixed-media in her paintings to give another dimension and the depth of texture that evokes the ruggedness of places such as the Pembrokeshire coast, the Preseli mountains and the beautiful Brecon Beacons.
Bron has exhibited at two contemporary Art Fairs in 2018 and Reading and Windsor in 2019.

Studio address -

Penrhiw Farm

Golden Grove


SA32 8NE

Tel: 07766 006016



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