Bron Jones

Bron's passion for the natural world led her away from her early artistic leanings in school to a degree in Environmental Science at Aberystwyth Uni, then into a career of nature conservation and primary education.  Retirement four years ago has meant she can now combine her love of wildlife with art and living in the beautiful Tywi Valley means she is never short of inspiration.  "My natural tendency is to create representational work with fine detail, but there is an abstract artist inside me fighting to get out.  I love to communicate the joy and wonder I feel when I see the colours; when I hear the birdsong; to convey that sense of freedom our wild land brings: so I am learning to control my control freak!!"
Bron works primarily in acrylics on canvas and panels.  She works in the landscape making marks quickly to focus her attention on glimpses, capturing first impressions of textures and shapes and recording the landscape from different perspectives.  Blind sketching back in the studio helps to further abstract the landscaped focus on feelings and impressions.  She uses glazing, scratching and sanding through the layers to expose what lies beneath: subtleties of texture and colour that add to the overall feel of the painting.  She enjoys experimenting with marks, often with materials found on her walks and working more intuitively without an end design in mind, to bring the spontaneity of nature into her creative process and evoke the wild beauty of the Welsh landscape.
"When you look at one of my paintings, I hope you will feel the wind in your hair and hear it soughing through the trees.  Sometimes you want to see an image that reminds you of a place or moment, but at others, all you need is a combination of colours, a pattern, or a particular swipe of the palette 
knife, to evoke that sense of place.  The natural world never fails to make me smile and lighten my heart and I hope my art will do the same for you."
Bron has successfully exhibited at contemporary art fairs in Reading, Newbury, Surrey, Windsor, Goodwood, Chester, Bath and Brighton.  Her work is exhibited in Oriel Mimosa in Llandeilo, Oriel Llanteglos near Amroth, Oriel Y Bont in Aberystwyth and Little Buckland Gallery in the Cotswolds.  She also enjoys working on commissioned pieces.

Studio address -

Penrhiw Farm

Golden Grove


SA32 8NE

Tel: 07766 006016



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