Justine & Alan Burgess

West Wales Willows
We are willow growers, weavers and tutors and we're located in a remote, beautiful, magical valley, halfway up a mountain.  We grow 260 varieties of willow and living willow structures and weave willow into beautiful and useful baskets and other items.  The valley is used by red kites and buzzards and we are treated to their presence on most days.  The willow provides materials for our profession as well as habitat for birds and insects throughout the year.  In the early spring, the willow pollen provides food for bees as they are emerging after their winter hibernation.  It really is a magical place!

Studio address -

The Mill



SA32 7SA

Tel: 01267 202309

email: info@westwaleswillows.co.uk

website: www.westwaleswillows.co.uk

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Opening times:

July 2022

Saturday 16th      

Sunday 17th      

Monday 18th     

Tuesday 19th       

Wednesday 20th  

Thursday 21st    

Friday 22nd    

Saturday 23rd

Sunday 24th         

10am - 5pm

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