Gabriel Hummerstone

Monumental Stonemason
started learning to carve on a remote new-build pilgrimage church in Northumberland.  Ever since my journey Faith and Craft have gone hand in hand.  Now I am a carver of letters in slate, making headstones.  I was inspired by my growing up in a household full of books and aware of the importance of Eric Gill's work and later that of John Baskerville, the C18th type-founder.  But ultimately I was inspired by C18th Gravestones of my native North Devon with their vernacular charm-a fresh, unselfconscious elegance.  What I love most about lettering is the way that a fleeting movement of a hand can leave a message for future generations and all the spontaneity of that movement is captured.

Studio address -

School House

Golden Grove



SA32 8LS

Tel: 07805694016


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